Types Of Banners

In this era, maybe it is the time of social media where you can convey your message in a very short time, but there are still some people who do not use it, or they do not have time to keep a regular check on it. This is where the old and gold trick comes up, banners are used to advertise. Even social media cannot spread such awareness that banner does. Banners are one of the most used sources of advertisements nowadays when you put a banner for your advertisement, people see them and get attracted to those banners as well. Trespassers stop and take a look of that banner when they are placed on roads. But the thing is, not only one kind of banner is suitable for all kinds of places, there is a need of different kinds of banners for different kinds of places, some of the types are as follows:

Pull Up Banners:

Pull up banners are one of the most efficient types of banners, they are very affectionate in their looks and mostly they are used in an exhibition. These types of banners are mostly 6 feet in size and its width depends on the requirement of the client, if they want to print a big message, the width of the banner will be greater. The best thing about Pull up banners is they are very easy to carry because they are retractable and are light in weight as well, which makes it easy to transport them from one place to another.

Vinyl Banners:

Vinyl banners are the old kind of banners; they are heavy in weight which makes it very difficult to carry them up. These banners are very durable and they are cheaper as well. These types of banners are used in all kinds of places as they are made with strong material and they cannot be tore.

Mesh Banners:

Mesh banners are new kind of banners; they are even cheaper than vinyl banners. Unlike vinyl banners, they are easy to lift and they can also be tore but only if we intend to do so, otherwise they are durable. But these kinds of banners are used more than vinyl banners because they can withstand any weather condition, they even allow the air to pass through it which is the reason they do not swing with the air. Whether there is harsh wind outside or a storm, mesh banners will go through any weather situation.

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